About Us

MPM Enterprises LLC is a product development, publishing, and education consulting company. The company was formed in 2022 by Mr. Al Chaney, MBA.  Mr. Chaney has a history of developing strategies and assisted in policies to protect the environment. He is a retired Intergrated Waste Management Specialist (IWMS) formally with the California Environmental Protection Agency (CIWMB) where he was the liaison for all of the public colleges in California for recycling and waste diversion. 

His first book, Computer Recycling for Education, assisted school, colleges, and businesses starting up computer refurbishing programs to divert toxic materials in computers through refurbishment from landfills. Now, it is time for him to educate and train the next generation of environmental advocates to protect the environment.  

MPM Enterprises LLC offers educational awareness and training in environmental issues. These issues include air pollution, global warming, climate change, solid waste, hazardous waste. MPM Enterprises LLC can provide services to: colleges, universities, libraries, bookstores, publishers, vocational schools, technical schools, charities, correctional facilities, government agencies, municipalities, corporations, businesses, religious organizations, social welfare organizations, fraternal organizations, military organizations, labor unions, computer manufacturers, computer retailers, electronics manufacturers, electronics retailers, office supply retailers, mass merchandise retailers, home improvement retailers, environmental organizations, waste haulers, recyclers, engineering organizations, technical organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).