Eddie is an elephant. He and his elephant family live in Anytown, California. There is Dad, Mom, Eddie, who is 10, and his younger brother and sister, Eric and Ellie. Dad drives to the office each day, and Mom takes a city bus to her job. The children take a school bus to school every day. Eddie likes sports, gaming, and most of all, science. Eddie is witty, gets along with his classmates, and is well liked by everyone in his neighborhood. Eddie dreams of becoming a scientist someday. 

Hello, my name is Environmental Eddie.  I am the International Environmental Ambassador of MPM Enterprises, LLC.  "I'm on a mission along with my friends Dr. Von Smart, Amber, Elizabeth, and Sean. Our mission is to educate, advocate, encourage kids and adults to work together to protect the Earth. It is our environment." 

Environmental Eddie says, “Remember to Protect-it for Future Generations!” 
Eddie will soon be faced with the challenges of learning about air pollution and how to solve the problem of air pollution. 
Your child will follow Environmental Eddie and his friends on an adventure that will teach them skills that will last them a lifetime! 
Environmental Elephant Family!